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Partner organizations

GREEN CROSS SOCIETY - the independent, non-governmental organization, founded in 1994 and officially registered in March 1995. Main mission of the Society is education of people and bringing them up as interested and careful citizens of their states. Society reaches this aim in the way of engaging them in practical activity in:

ASSOCIATION OF YWCA/YMCA OF LATVIA - an umbrella organization of 6 youth organizations and 2 youth interest groups. IMKA stands for:

I- integration (social, political, economic and personal);

M- mobility (break through the barriers between cultures and peoples, providing experiences that encourages international and intercultural understanding);

K- Christian values;

A- Actuality (actual programs and projects for young people for better understanding world-wide socio-economic-political issues and problems).

Association of YWCA/YMCA of Latvia provides member organizations with: information; training courses and seminars; consultations; international cooperation. By acting as member organization of Youth Council of Latvia, Women's NGOs Cooperation Network organization is involved in development of youth and gender policy on local and national level, involved in structural dialogue activities and participates in different consultation committees within Ministry of Education and Science of Latvia. IMKA Latvija has 20 years of experience related to international youth work both on policy making as well as practical level. At the moment organization is involved in process of recognition and validation of the competences gained in youth organizations, youth work and youth centers. In everyday life organization is working with socially excluded youth groups.

GEORGIAN SPELEOLOGISTS UNION – the union is focused on searching and studding underground spaces, making topography, marking touristic routs all over territory of Georgia, organizing and conducting national and international speleological expeditions, training of youth in this topic, as well as tourism activities. The Union studies ecological problems in the country and works on the popularization of speleology among the young generation. Georgian Speleologists Union organizes training courses and seminars on outdoor topics on national and international level as well as develops youth training and youth exchange projects, skiing camps, rafting and hikes.

MAKE IT BETTER - a recent organization settled in Cuba (South Alentejo, Portugal), that capitalizes the experience of its promoters and team of more than 15 years of joint work and cooperation with public and private organizations in Portugal, Europe and as well in several other parts of the world (South America, Africa and Asia). It complies a multidisciplinary team of associates and workers that give powerful input in big umbrella areas, such as sustainable development, social responsibility and social economy, in the frames where most disadvantaged groups are settled. In it's action miB intends to: create, develop, adapt and apply sustainable and responsible work models and tools, cooperating and supporting the most disadvantaged groups. Its mission is the development of human society, in all its dimensions, namely, economic, social, environmental and cultural, linked to moral duties of solidarity and justice and all the other values registered in its principles statement.

FOUNDATION INSTITUTE FOR SOCIO-ECONOMIC BALANCE - works to promote a society that is open for diversity and has ability to use its potential. A society in which everyone understands and is understood by the others. IRSE creates a space for dialogue, exchange of views and experiences focused on the development of social and civic activity of all social groups and institutions working in this field. Since 2015 it's the part of Regional Group, which created and implement Model of Immigrants Integration in Gdańsk. And since 2017 it's the members of the Model for the Equal Rights working in Gdańsk. IRSE organises trainings and workshops about tolerance, intercultural education, global education, integration for immigrants and local community. For the small children, from pre-school it provides the workshops, in which children get to know different countries and cultures and in primary school (age 12-15 y.o) implements the project "School free from hate" in which pupils participate in the anti-discrimination workshops. IRSE provides also international training courses and youth exchanges.

ECOLOGICAL COUNSELING CENTER CAHUL (ECC CAHUL) - aims to develop of joint cross-border projects in environmental protection, regional and tourism development, sustainable agriculture, to promote and support through different means the activities for nature protection and sustainable development, to consolidate of all forces from Republic of Moldova with the view to assuring environment protection and rational use of natural resources and to contribute, as well as re-establish of natural environment, recovering of the environment and population, formation of an ecologic conscience and vision among all citizens. ECC Cahul reaches its goals through training programs, creation of a flexible system for ecological training and education, symposiums, conferences, seminars, meetings on problems dealing with cultural, natural environment and sustainable development, ecologic expertise with the participation of public, emphasizing public opinion towards environmental problems and spiritual ecology public opinion towards environmental problems and spiritual ecology and participation on informational network, systematizing and dissemination environmental information.