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Entrepreneurship in the rural tourism sector for youth with disabilities


The project 'Entrepreneurship in rural tourism sector for youth with disabilities' (ERTSYD) aims to provide information about possibilities of development own business for youth with disabilities, living in rural areas, foster their social integration, raise self-esteem in order to improve their further financial position. The project is implemented by six countries - three from European Union (Latvia, Poland, Portugal) and three from the Eastern Partnership Countries (Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine) which will build their capacity through the international cooperation and a series of planned activities e.g. training and youth exchange. Project partners collaboratively prepare a capacity building programme which will be passed on to other youth workers in their countries to increase their organizations social impact and visibility. The project objectives include: organisation of three training courses for youth workers and one youth exchange included people with disability; preparation and dissemination of the Manual about hospitality and service providing for persons with disabilities in the rural tourism sector; establishing close collaborative relationships amongst project participants and transferring knowledge base to educational establishments that train students in the rural tourism, restaurant and hospitality sectors; conducting promotional and advocacy campaigns that would encourage youth with disabilities to work in the rural tourism sector.

An interactive map prepared for the project featuring rural guesthouses accessible for tourists with disabilities and descriptions thereof will be used to disseminate accurate information on the new types of services. Through this innovative project considering especially marginalized social groups in their capacity building will bring social change and is a valuable contribution to the practical implementation of The Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and answers the aims of UN Year of Sustainable Tourism.

Project number: 589878-EPP -1-2017-1-UA-EPPKA2-CBY-EP-PE